Surgically Clean Air is Trusted by Leading Corporate Firm to Provide Its Legal Team with Cleaner and Healthier Indoor Air


Blakes is a large Canadian Corporate Law Firm that delivers business-centred legal solutions in Canada and around the world. Blakes has offices in Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa, New York, and London. Blakes legal team are Trusted Advisers to the business leaders and emerging entrepreneurs whose strategic vision defines today’s — and will shape tomorrow’s — business landscape.

Client need

Blakes Head of Operations needed a robust and efficacious indoor air cleaning system to clean the air that circulates through the large office tower, in which they are located on just one floor. Studies show that indoor airborne contaminants can circulate through the HVAC systems of large offices – with particulate traveling as much as 10 floors up and down from their original source. During the Covid-19 pandemic the Blakes employees were working from their home offices, but on occasion they needed to come into the office to do work in person with other employees and clients (ie. Signing documents). Blakes policy was to allow these meetings to take place in their large Boardrooms and Meeting Rooms – the employees were not allowed to use their individual offices.

Surgically Clean Air solution

Blakes leased 40 Surgically Clean Air Jades for their Head Office in Commerce Court West in the heart of the financial district in Toronto, Canada. The Jades were installed in the Boardrooms and Meeting Rooms throughout their office located in one of Canada’s iconic office towers.


Once the employees are permitted to come back to work on a full-time basis Blakes is looking to add more Surgically Clean Air purifiers to the employee work spaces.


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