Birks Group Inc. (CNW Group/Birks Group Inc.)

Surgically Clean Air Know How Precious Clean Indoor Air Is and They Are Proud that such a Refined Solution is Now in Use at a Major Jewelry Retailer


Birks Group is a designer, manufacturer and retailer of jewellery, timepieces, silverware and gifts, with stores and manufacturing facilities in Canada and the United States. Birks Group traces its origins to the opening by Henry Birks of a small jewellery shop in Montreal, Canada, in 1879.

Client need

Retail stores are highly susceptible to the spread of germs and illnesses as people come and go regularly, and there is often a high interaction between customers and store staff. This risk is elevated higher when the items being sold are personal, and customers need to ‘try on’ before making a purchase decision – such as Rolex watches and diamond earrings. Birks wanted to protect their staff throughout the behind-the-scenes areas where they congregate. Adding an indoor air cleaning solution as refined as their brand and one that provided clean air that is as stunning as their precious products would help.

Surgically Clean Air solution

Birks placed their first order for Surgically Clean Air Jade purifiers to protect their staff in their retail stores in Montreal and Calgary and to protect their head office staff.


After installing Surgically Clean Air, the staff of Birks couldn’t be more confident in the cleanliness and healthiness of the indoor air in the Montreal and Calgary stores.

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