Becker Rhinoplasty Centre

Becker Rhinoplasty Centre

Surgically Clean Air Focuses on One Essential Goal for Rhinoplasty Centre – Healthier Air That Makes the Patients and Staff Happier


Dr. Daniel G. Becker is the Founder and Medical Director of the Becker Rhinoplasty Center and a Clinical Professor in the Department of Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Becker has published over 100 articles in the medical literature, emphasizing Rhinoplasty. In addition, he is the author/editor-in-chief of 4 textbooks on Rhinoplasty.

Client need

Dr. Becker’s philosophy focuses on one essential goal – a result that makes the patient happy. He wanted to apply the same simple principle to his offices and make sure that he was doing all he could to make them happy about coming into his Rhinoplasty Centre when the Covid-19 Pandemic struck.

Surgically Clean Air solution

In April 2020, Owner Dan Becker installed 16 Surgically Clean Air Jades in his Rhinoplasty Center, with the units going into the treatment rooms in both of his New Jersey-based locations.


Dr. Becker is not only cleaning the air within his treatment rooms to make them a healthier place for patients to visit, but he is also making it a happier place for them to visit now and for years to come.

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