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Since 1964 Battlefield Press has been Canada’s premiere printing company. They have been printing pioneers for over 50 years. They were among the first to offer 4-colour printing, led with digital printing and workflow technology, and were the only printer company in Canada to offer 12-colour perfector printing in 2005.

They want to be the first place you come when you have an idea, the first people you ask when you have a problem and the first to put a prototype in your hands. Located in Burlington Canada

Client need

Printing businesses generate a large number of physical air contaminants. At Battlefield Printing, this contamination issue was due to cornstarch in the paper stock to ‘feed the press.’ The cornstarch was floating in the ambient air and breathed in by the production staff. Print processing also requires Battlefield to maintain a consistent humidity level in the plant, so specialized misters add water droplets to the indoor air, which can cling to the airborne contaminants and cause damage to the expensive printing equipment.

Surgically Clean Air solution

To effectively clear the air of the cornstarch particulate and the ‘dirty’ water molecules in their 25,000 square foot production facility, Battlefield installed a Surgically Clean Eco Air. Notably, the EcoAir purifier had to be modified because the cornstarch and water mixture would have created a ‘plaster of Paris-like’ substance that would have ‘gummed’ up the filters. Surgically Clean Air worked with the facility manager to solve this issue to capture the cornstarch and the moisture without blocking the filter panels.


The air within the Battlefield Printing Facility is now much cleaner and safer for the staff and their expensive production equipment.

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