Ballet Chelsea

Ballet Chelsea

Surgically Clean Air


Ballet Chelsea began as a non-profit performing organization housed in a for-profit dance studio, Dance Arts of Chelsea, formed in 1995 to provide supplemental dance training for Chelsea dance students. Ballet Chelsea has grown into a multifaceted arts organization that provides high-calibre dance training, arts education and performance opportunities to students in Michigan.

Client need

Due to Covid-19, the dance institute looked for ways to safely get children back into group classes in their 800-900 square feet dance classrooms.

Surgically Clean Air solution

One of their directors saw a Surgically Clean Air Jade at their dentist’s office. After learning more about Surgically Clean Air’s commercial-grade air cleaning performance, Ballet Chelsea added 5 units across all of their classrooms.


After installing Surgically Clean Air, they were pleased with the product keeping particulate and aerosols down. Once group classes could resume, the staff and management were pleased that they could safely open and with class sizes that were large enough to make it financially successful. Despite the high Covid-19 numbers in the United States, there are no known transmissions of Covid-19 from Ballet Chelsea, and none of their students or staff has had to be quarantined.

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