At Home Hospice

At Home Hospice

Surgically Clean Air is at Home Creating Cleaner and Healthier Indoor Air in the Homes Visited by At Home Hospice


At-Home Hospice in Ontario, Canada, believes that everyone should have the option to complete life’s journey in the comfort and dignity of their own home, surrounded by those who care about them. Our mission is to provide compassionate home-based health care to individuals and their families as they face end-of-life. Since its foundation in 2004, thousands of patients in Eastern Ontario with ages ranging from 3 months to 108 years have benefited from At-Home Hospice’s home-based care.

Client need

At-Home Hospice travels across a broad geographical region and performs its valuable services in the homes of dying patients. Unfortunately, this puts their staff at significant risk of catching an illness from a person’s home or the people in the homes themselves. Therefore, they needed a portable air cleaning solution that could quickly make the indoor air much cleaner and healthier when they arrived.

Surgically Clean Air solution

In September 2020, the home’s Operations Director arranged to have Surgically Clean Air Jade purifiers that staff could take to protect themselves from person-to-person illness spread when they were on the road.


The Surgically Clean Air Jades offered a robust air cleaning capacity that they could quickly provide the necessary air changes per hour to make the in-home space much cleaner and healthier. Notably, the Jade purifiers could work at a comfortable noise level that was respectful of the person’s home that they were caring for.

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