Applied Physical Sciences

Applied Physical Sciences

Surgically Clean Air Applies High Tech Air Cleaning to a Leading High-Tech Client in Connecticut, USA


Applied Physical Sciences Corporation (APS), a wholly-owned subsidiary of General Dynamics, provides engineering services for its client base in Connecticut. The Company specializes in innovative technology solutions for emerging national security and commercial markets challenges. They were initially incorporated in 2002 with a focus on acoustics and hydrodynamics. APS continues to diversify our interests through a measured expansion of our technical staff. About one-quarter of our technical staff members hold engineering, physics, and mathematics PhDs.

Client need

Applied Physical Sciences (APS) has an office building in Connecticut with hundreds of employees. As Covid-19 hit, APS’s work was considered essential, and they needed to keep their offices open for employees to come into work. At the same time, APS needed to ensure that their employees had the confidence that their workplace was safe.

Surgically Clean Air solution

In September 2020, an APS employee (Graduate of MIT) was in a local high-end Toy Store that had a Surgically Clean Air Jade in the store. The APS employee asked the Toy Store Staff all about the Surgically Clean Air and subsequently contacted Surgically Clean Air to order a Jade air purifier for their office at APS.


Since the first order for a Surgically Clean Air Jade, APS allows any employee or department that wants to have a Surgically Clean Air for their workspace to go ahead and order a unit. More than 100 Surgically Clean Air Jades are in use in the Applied Physical Sciences office building. General Dynamics, APS’s owner, has also become a Surgically Clean Air client elsewhere in the USA.

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