Aerosols and Splatter in Dentistry

Dr John Molinari, PhD; Stephen K. Harrel, DDS
logo tooth screw

Quantitative Microbial Monitoring in a Dental Office

Department of Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Via dei Vestini, Italy, 2001

Risque de Transmission Bactérienne Dans le Cabinet Dentaire

Dr. Michael John - MB, Ch.B., FRPC(C)

Risk of Bacterial Transmission in Dental Practice

Dr. Michael John - MB, Ch.B., FRPC(C)

Menace in the Air

Journal of Integrated Dentistry, 2016

In-Office Air Quality Contamination: What you don’t know WILL harm you

Dr. Mark H.E. Lin - BSc, DDS, MSc (Prostho), FRCD© July 2017

Air Pollution: ‘Heart Disease Link Found’

Smitha Mundasad, BBC News

Pollution Particles ‘Get into Brain’

Article by David Shukman | Science Editor | Published: September 5, 2016

Productivity and Health Benefits from Better Indoor Environment – Estimating the Benefits

Article by William J. Fisk Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory | Published: February 1999

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