Surviving The Winter

         By: Surgically Clean Air

Winter and it’s Challenges

With the coldest months in full swing, this is the time of year everyone is more inclined to stay inside and in close quarters. Unfortunately, as lovely as the warmth of the indoors sounds, it may potentially be more dangerous. With the flu season in full effect, being inside can cause the flu to spread a lot faster. Sometimes we do not have the option to stay home as southern Ontario was previously hit with a fierce blizzard in January. 

Due to the copious amounts of snow and ice, people were unable to leave their homes or use their primary method of transportation, causing many businesses to shut down. With additional stormy and snowy days ahead of us, we must be cautious about the air we breathe while being inside. With furnaces running, windows being closed and poor indoor ventilation, it diminishes the indoor air quality.

At the start of fall, WHO came out with new guidelines on air pollution. Because of the new standards, “around 86 percent of Canadians live in areas where airborne fine particulate matter levels exceed the WHO guidelines”. If the outdoor air quality is lower then it should be, it speaks volumes about how the indoor air quality measures. 

Indoor air quality is essential and is often overlooked or treated as an afterthought. With the flu season at its peak, it is crucial to have good indoor air quality as it supports your health, provides comfort, and relieves guest anxiety.  

How can we create a healthier living space?

Air purification is key to keeping indoor air quality high. There are many benefits that air purifiers with HEPA filters have. They help reduce the transmission of viruses and airborne illnesses, reduce the spread of dust particulate around the house, and keep the air fresh and re-energized. Statistics Canada explains how high-efficiency particle air (HEPA) filters reduce levels of air contaminants. Along with these benefits, it also brings peace of mind that you would not have had before.  

I have an air purifier how can I maximize the usage? 

Placement of the air purifier in any space is key to making sure you use it to its best efficacy. Placing it in a central location of the space it is cleaning will help it reach and provide the best possible air changes per hour. The more open space a room has, the better. Regular cleaning of the machine will also help it perform at max capacity. In addition, the air purifier can attract many particulates and large dust bunnies. Therefore, the cleaner it is from the outside, the more it can clean on the inside.  

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