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TIP #1 – The Next Time You Book Your Dentist Appointment Consider Making it First Thing in the Morning

Dental offices have the potential of being more polluted than other offices because they are high traffic commercial spaces and produce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) – from the dental materials and from the constant use of disinfectants and dental instruments. Of particular concern are the bio-aerosols generated by the drilling of tooth, bone and soft tissue, the use of air-water syringe washing and drying, and the sonic scalers and ultrasonic cleaners that are used.

These bio-aerosols are nasty things. Dr. John Molinari, a leading dental educator, says “Smaller particles of an aerosol lodge in the smaller passages of the lungs and are thought to carry the greatest potential for transmitting infections”. (American Dental Association 2004)

The “cloud of bio-aerosols (containing bacteria and viruses) that form as a result of dental procedures can remain in the air for hours and [form] a cloud between floor level and 6 feet” — Dr Joseph Zeisler (Ontario Dentist September 2009). Just imagine as the day progresses and more and more patients have procedures done in their dentist’s office, this cloud likely becomes more and more toxic…and you could be sitting right in the middle of it.

“Since installing [Surgically Clean Air]… there has not been a full-time employee who has missed work due to a cold or similar ailment”

– Paul Feuerstein, DMD

 TIP #2 – Only Book an Appointment with a Dentist that Offers a

‘Surgically Clean Air’ Environment

The Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) stipulates that every employer has a general duty to protect their employees and to ‘take every precaution reasonable in the circumstances for the protection of a worker’. Regulation 851 ‘Industrial Hygiene Part III’ is specifically concerned with ventilation and replacement air for the protection of workers in the workplace. So just like every other employer, a Dentist has the obligation to protect their employees, and a moral obligation to protect their patients from the toxicity of the indoor air in their offices.

Surgically Clean Air Purifiers have been proven by independent lab testing (RTI) to remove 99% of indoor air pollutants (ie. bacteria, fungus, and viruses). In practice more than a thousand Dental Offices, Hospitals, Dental Labs and Commercial Offices are implementing the new school of thought on the use of our standalone air purifiers.


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