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Surgically Clean Air Purifiers are used to improve the indoor air by removing the Odors, Germs and killing Viruses that regularly enter Commercial Businesses and Retail Stores to keep employees healthier and more productive. The technology can also be applied to larger spaces, such as warehouses, to offer the added benefit of de-stratifying the air to reduce heating and cooling costs.

The indoor built environment plays a critical role in our overall well-being, both due to the amount of time we spend indoors (~90%) and the ability of buildings to positively or negatively influence our health. This study measured the ability of workers to perform under "normal" building conditions and "green" building conditions. The results indicated that peoples' thinking (Cognitive function scores) were between 61% and 101% better in Green+ building conditions compared to the Conventional building conditions. These findings have wide ranging implications because this study was designed to reflect conditions that are commonly encountered every day in many indoor environments.





How Much Air Does a Cascade White Clean?

Some of Our Customers


Walmart Canada (Warehousing)

- 4 Locations, Canada -

As a key International Subsidiary of the World’s Largest Retailer, Walmart Canada has 400 stores, and millions of sq feet of warehouse space across their storage and distribution network.

Surgically Clean Air technology is used in over 3 million square feet within their Distribution Centres to help reduce the spread of dust and germs, while also reducing heating and cooling cost through effective air de-stratification.

Brinks (Money & Security)

- Toronto, Canada -

The Brink's Company is an American security and protection company. The Brink’s brand and reputation span around the globe. In 2013, its international network serves customers in more than 100 countries and employs approximately 70,000 people. Operations include approximately 1,100 facilities, and 13,300 vehicles.

Prior to installing air purifiers in their money handling rooms employees were complaining of breathing issues and the need to wear masks. Now the Surgically Clean Air Purifiers are helping remove harmful airborne pollutants from the counting of coins and bills.

GardaWorld (Money & Security)

- Toronto, Canada -

GardaWorld Corporation is a Canadian private security firm, based in Montreal. They operate in over 200 offices worldwide and have 48,000 employees. The company is the second largest consulting and security services firm in the world. They offer physical security guard services as well as armoured car services. One of the dirtiest parts of their operation is the money handling rooms which generate large quantities of nasty airborne particulate.

They purchased their first Surgically Clean Air purifier in 2010. More recently they have expand their use of Surgically Clean Air purifiers to 15 units for use in their money sorting operation in the 'Cash Room', the 'Coin Room' in the 'Vaults', as well as in the Monitoring Control Room and in the Driver's Offices which is adjacent to their 'Armoured Truck' garage.

Print Three (Retail Print Shop)

- Toronto, Canada -

Print Three is a Canadian leader in print fulfillment, with 47 stores across Canada, and international print partnerships in Australia and in the United States. Services include web-to-print services, digital printing services, and commercial printing services.

High processing print shops generate lots of air pollutants from the inks and paper fragments. Multiple locations have installed Surgically Clean Air Purifiers to make the work area air healthier.

Burnac Produce Limited

- Toronto, Canada -

Burnac Produce Limited has roots in the produce industry that go back over 70 years having grown from the one-man produce trucking operation that started in the 1930s to the multi-million dollar fresh produce operation it is today.

Burnac Produce Limited installed their first Surgically Clean Air Purifier in April 2017.

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Sporting Life (Retail Sporting Goods)

- 5 Locations, Canada -

Sporting Life is a sporting goods retailer based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada that sells goods for all types of sports enthusiast, with a focus on high end clothing and equipment.

Surgically Clean Air Purifiers have become standard equipment in all of their service areas to remove the harmful airborne toxins & chemicals that are emitted from ski & bike tuning operations.



Maple Leaf Canada (Food Processing)

- Kitchener, Canada -

Maple Leaf Foods Inc is a major Canadian consumer packaged meats company headquartered in Toronto, Canada. With sales exceeding $3 Billion it sells famous brands including Shoppy’s and Schneiders. In the Sliced Meat Room, a 13,000 sq ft refrigerated space, after each processing shift, cleaning personnel thoroughly steam clean the room, causing the temperature and humidity to spike. When the cleaning crew is done, the refrigeration system works hard to bring the temperature back down to a set point of 6°C in time for the next production shift.

In 2015, installing Surgically Clean Air technology returned a high ROI. The reduction in cooling time created significant energy savings, and extended the life of the refrigeration system which resulted in savings on repairs and new equipment. While the reusable filtering system improved operational safety due to its highly effective capture of airborne cardboard dust.

JKM Custom Manufacturing (Metal Fabrication)

- Cambridge, Canada -

J.K.M. Custom Fabricating Inc. was founded in 1972 in Cambridge, Canada. They specialize in fabricating custom projects for industrial applications using structural steel, sheet metal and plate work in carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum

In 2015, Surgically Clean Air technology was installed on J.K.M.’s shop floor leading immediately to an airborne particle reduction.

Slalom Gate Ski Shop

- Blue Mountains, Canada -

Located at one of Canada's Premier Private Ski Clubs, Slalom Gate has been serving the members, including many World Cup Ski Racers, for over 40 years. One of the most toxic work areas in a retail store is the ski tuning and waxing room.

Surgically Clean Air Purifiers were installed to create a safer work environment for employees & skiers that are in this space.





People's Choice Remedy's RX

- Toronto, Canada -

People's Choice Remedy's RX is primarily a medical pharmacy with a walk-in clinic, as well as family doctors and specialists located next door. Remedy's RX vision is a long term one and centered on patient care. They understand choosing a pharmacy is a big decision for many. Which is the reason why they go the extra mile for each of their patients.

"We installed Surgically Clean Air purifiers in our pharmacy to combat the strong odours from the restaurant next door to our store.  Within 24 hours of installing a Cascade White and Carbon Granite the odours were gone and our indoor air was refreshingly clean." - Jay Rajora

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