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In-Office Air Quality Contamination: What You Don't Know WILL Harm You

By Mark H.E. Lin, BSc, DDS, MSc (Prostho), FRCD(C) | June 30, 2017

This is an article to alert you to a silent but insidious problem in the dental profession, one that IS harmful to you, your entire team, your patients, and your family members.  The problem is that the indoor air within our dental offices contains unhealthy and often infectious airborne particulate which results from our practices. Microbial air pollution is a health hazard and this is where Air Purifiers Systems (APS) can play a role in significantly reducing the transmittable bio-aerosols. In the dental office environment, the most practical and convenient solution is to have stand-alone air filter systems which clean by constantly drawing out polluted indoor air and exhausting clean filtered air into the room.

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Your Office Air is Killing You But One Toronto Based Company Wants to Help

By Bizzo Management Group,

With 7,000 dental professionals covered by SCA [Surgically Clean Air] air purifiers and major sports teams like the Baltimore Orioles, Milwaukee Bucks, Toronto Raptors and Vancouver Canucks protecting their talent, these guys are making a mark in the air purification sector.


CJIC | Canadian Journal of Infection Control - Important Role for Standalone Indoor Air Purification Systems

Volume 31, Number 2 Fall 2016

Today, more and more well-known hospitals, health care institutions, and medical labs have taken proactive steps to take care of their indoor air quality and established a new school of thought on the use of standalone medical grade air purifiers in managing infectious and non-infectious airborne particulate.


Oral Health Group - Mouthing Off on Surgically Clean Air

By Dr. Ken Serota DDS, MMS 2011

My neighbour, Dr. Lisa Bentley, installed an air treatment system [Surgically Clean Air] in her office a while back. Our office building is typical of most, computer controlled  HVAC and yet, there is such an obvious air imbalance. We followed suit and all I can say is VIVA LA DIFFERENCE...


In the Air Tonight

By Paul Feuerstein, DMD 2011

Surgically Clean Air, shipped me the largest box I have ever received to do a product evaluation. The Air Purifier stood about four feet high and, as per instructions, it was placed in the hallway leading to my treatment rooms. This unit, which is remarkably quiet, has six stages of air purification, as well as sterilization. There is a series of filters, which can remove particles as small as .01 microns, by using UV lights within the filtration area, microorganisms are destroyed. My staff and I found a few interesting things since installing this unit. There is a tremendous reduction in dust. As an experiment, we asked the cleaning people not to dust the pictures hanging on the walls. After six weeks, the frames still passed the white glove test...


Making a Case for Air Purification Systems in Retirement Home Communities

By Surgically Clean Air

Ms. Lafontaine [Scarborough Retirement] says that "purchasing Surgically Clean Air in Scarborough Retirement Centre was an important operational decision not only because it demonstrated how we took the health and wellness of our staff and residents to heart, but how it also made a difference to the bottom line"...


Veterinary Clinics and Indoor Air Quality

By Surgically Clean Air

Veterinary personnel face unique occupational hazards. As a result of constant exposure to dander, dust, chemicals and odours, many face chronic skin and respiratory problems. Also within the operating rooms in veterinary clinics, the same needs for protection of personnel are needed because of exposure to elevated levels of Nitrous Oxide and Halogenated gases. There are positive measures a veterinary facility can take to improve their indoor air quality. Surgically Clean Air is at the cutting edge of commercial indoor air purification...


Important Role for Standalone Indoor Air Purification Systems in a Dental Laboratory

Dental Technology Today | Published: Spring 2017

Most people do not know how harmful their indoor air can be. The US. EPA states that 68% of human disease is spread through indoor air (1). When it comes to the air in a dental laboratory, these concerns become even greater. According to the US Department of Labor’s statistics, working as dental professional is one of the most damaging jobs to people’s health (2). Why is this the case? This is due largely to the fact that many dental laboratories do not pay enough attention to their indoor air quality.  Laboratory owners believe that they are well protected through...


Teams Clearing the Air to Avoid Illness

By Nick Cafardo @ Boston Globe Newspaper | Published: April 13, 2017

The Red Sox are the sickest team in baseball. According to research done by Surgically Clean Air Inc. of Toronto, the Sox have led the major leagues in days missed by sickness since 2011 with 85 (and that doesn’t count 2017) at a cost of more than $3.9 million, or about $45,882 per game lost because of sickness... [Rob} Ruznisky [Surgically Clean Air] says a 2,000 square foot clubhouse can be covered by a $7,000 unit. That’s the price of socks for a month for some teams...


Oral Health Interviews Surgically Clean Air Founders, May 2017

By Oral Health | Published: May, 2017

Surgically Clean Air featured story from the Ontario Dental Association ASM May 2017. This video was published to thousands of dentists in Ontario.

SCA YouTube Link


Editors Choice - We Eat Organic Food/We Drink Pure Water/Now Let's Breathe Healthy Air In Our Work Environment

By Andrew Barrett | Massachusetts Dental Society (NSDDD) September 2017

Based on analysis of the US Department of Labor database of 974 occupations, 10 million employers and 125 million employees and the most unhealthy job is that of a dental worker, due in part to the bad air in a dental office...



Air is the New Water

By Andrew Barrett | TLOMA Newsletter Sept 2017

People consume 2 liters of water every day. Think about all the resources that have been spent to make sure that the water is healthy. Now, think about the air you breathe.  Each person breathes up to 15,000 liters of air per day, much of it being indoor air at work. Think about all the resources that are NOT being spent to clean that air..and that air is full of contaminants.

LMT Lab Day (East) October 2017 Newsletter

By LabDay Insider

LMT LAB DAY East is the largest dental laboratory trade show on the East Coast of the USA.  In the post-show LMT Day Insider October 2017 Newsletter, SCA Eastern North America Sales Leader, Rich Chick, was featured as a Lab Day Interview.



ODX Invests $438,000 into Ontario Open Data Ventures

By Sam Clark | October 25, 2017

Canada's Open Data Exchange (ODX) has launched their second investment into the Ontario startup ecosystem through the ODX Ventures program. ODX Ventures is a non-repayable contribution of $50,000 that is applied to projects involving the commercialization of open data. ODX is focused on companies who use open data to create a product or service.  Ten companies out of over 80 high-quality applications were chosen to participate including Surgically Clean Air.



Protecting dental staff from the most hazardous job in America

By Andrew Barrett & John M. McMahon, DDS | Dental Economics December 2017.

Updated findings and new schools of thought have developed on the importance of cleaning dental office air as part of a proper infection control regime. This article will discuss these developments and present a brief case study on the efficacy of a Surgically Clean Air Standalone purifier.


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