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Used in hospitals, medical labs, dental clinics and surgery centres across North America to improve the quality of indoor air for their patients and staff.

Customer Reviews

Strongly recommend Surgically Clean Air's Jade units

Rated 5 out of 5
January 24, 2022

My family was introduced to Surgically Clean Air when we wanted to improve our home’s indoor air quality while living in Boston’s South End during the time that several significant construction projects were underway in the neighborhood including utility work and private residential renovations accompanied by the omnipresent needlessly idling diesel trucks. We placed a Jade unit on each floor of our townhouse and found that the subjective and objective features of our indoor air improved dramatically. In the past, when returning from a weekend sail, we would notice the change from clean sea air to that of the city. Addition of the Jades made our indoor air quality feel like that of the ocean or mountains giving the benefit of a perception of having a clearer mind and knowing that the objective air quality measures were improved. Our home units arrived just before the pandemic set in. We immediately considered the Jades with their filters; UV light and ionization chamber a potential ally in making our indoor air safer by limiting viral transmission. I ordered 5 Jades for each of the exam lanes that I utilize in our Boston and Waltham offices and moved a unit to our laser suite when performing laser vision correction surgery. My team and I all noticed the improvement in subjective and objective measures of air quality. While I had long suspected that COVID was transmitted as an aerosol, it took months for the CDC to finally agree on unbiased scientific data and support the hypothesis that COVID is transmitted in aerosol and that may be the main means of transmission. My staff and patients all appreciate that we are taking steps beyond masking, social distancing, and pervasive cleaning of surfaces by improving the quality of the air in our lanes to help reduce viral transmission be it COVID, flu or other viruses. I strongly recommend Surgically Clean Air’s Jade units to make the work environment safer during the pandemic and beyond.

Peter A. Rapoza, MD, Ophthalmic Consultants of Boston

It's my pleasure to give Surgically Clean Air a 5-star review

Rated 5 out of 5
January 24, 2022

I’m very happy with my Jade. It’s been running for almost a year in my medical clinic.
Ever since my first contact with the sales rep, it’s been a great experience. I love the follow-up for the filter changes, both by email and even a phone call from our sales rep.
To sum it up, a great company that I recommend to all.

Dr. Danny-Elle Gingras Clinic

The Jade units have worked flawlessly

Rated 5 out of 5
October 5, 2021

We could not be more pleased with our Surgically Clean Air Jade units. We have 5 units through out our 1550 sq. ft. dental office. We purchased these about 14 months ago. The Jade units have worked flawlessly and helped our patients /team feel an additional layer of safety. In addition to the quality of each unit, the company’s support exceptional.
Highly recommended.

Robert Rosenfeld, DDS

Very Pleased

Rated 5 out of 5
October 1, 2021

I have the Jade set up and running. Very nice piece of equipment. As far as I can tell it is doing a great job of cleaning the air in my office. Very pleased so far. Thank you

Dr. David Russ, PhD Carolinas Counseling Group, Charlotte, NC

Worth it!!

Rated 5 out of 5
September 30, 2021

We ordered five of the Jade Air Purifiers one year ago. Fist, let me start with saying our rep Kate was amazing, it was in the beginning of the Covid Pandemic and she was working day, night and weekends to get our orders fulfilled and answer any questions or concerns we had. I was impressed upon arrival of our purifiers how easy it was to get them up and running. They are actually very quiet. Our patients and staff feel safer knowing that we have hospital grade purifiers running in every operatory while they are being treated. They are well worth the investment for peace of mind and safety.



By Marshal Sterio, Surgically Clean Air Inc. I December 2nd, 2021



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