Clean Indoor Air Matters to Us All...

No Matter Where We Work

Commercial Industries

Medical & Dental

Removes Odors, Toxins and most importantly it kills airborne Viruses to reduce the spread of illness in Hospitals, Medical Labs/Clinics, Surgery Centres, and Dental Offices.

General Office

Improve Employee Productivity by removing annoying Odors, Germs and Viruses in the air within busy working offices such as in Call Centers, Cubicle Environments and Executive Offices.

Health Services

Helping to reduce the spread of Germs and Viruses in Retirement Homes, the airborne Chemicals in the air at Beauty Clinics, and the strong embalming Odors in Funeral Homes.

Commercial & Retail

Remove the Odors, Germs and Viruses that regularly Commercial Businesses and Retail Stores to keep employees healthy and productive  - by reducing sick days and boosting on the job performance.

Sports & Fitness

From protecting Professionals Sports teams from the spread of illness in their locker rooms, to removing harmful Odors and airborne Germs and Viruses in Health Clubs and Spas.

Education & Childcare

Removes the many airborne Germs and Viruses that pass through Day Care Centres, Public Schools and University lecture halls every day.

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