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Across a wide range of Health Service Providers, Surgically Clean Air Purifiers are being used to improve the quality of Indoor Air for Patients and Staff by helping to reduce the spread of Germs and Viruses in Retirement Homes, the airborne Chemicals in the air at Beauty Clinics, the strong embalming Odors in Funeral Homes; and most importantly killing airborne Viruses, to help reduce the spread of illness.




How Much Air Does a Cascade White Clean?

Some of Our Customers

"We got the unit! It looks great and we can feel the difference already.  Thank you!"

- Pastor Tim Li


Scarborough Retirement Residences

- Toronto, Canada -

This boutique retirement community in Toronto, Canada, has 130 residents and 79 employees in Toronto Canada. In 2009, they experienced an outbreak of a Noro virus like strain which impacted residents, visitors and staff.

Soon thereafter they installed Surgically Clean Air Purifiers in the two main common areas. Within 24 hours, residents noticed the difference, and gave management a standing round of applause during a resident council meeting. Over the past few years they have ordered 14 systems.

McPherson Funeral Home

- Cranbrook, Canada -

John Chasca has been owner/president of McPherson Funeral Service since 1977. He is a previous member of the Rotary Club and Knights of Columbus and the past President of the British Columbia Funeral Service Association. Presently, he sits as a director on the board of the Cremation Association of North America (CANA) and is also the current past president of CANA and also serves as the President of the Society of Independent Funeral Director's of British Columbia.

In 2011, purchased their first Surgically Clean Air Purifier, and since then they have purchase several more residential units for various family members.

Greenwood Retirement Communities

- Hamilton, Canada -

Greenwood Retirement Homes currently manages a large number of retirement homes in Canada. Their retirement homes offer a high quality lifestyle and great customer service.

They installed 10 Surgically Clean Air machines in their Aberdeen Gardens Home to offer their residents healthier indoor air.  Once this pilot test is complete we look forward to the indoor air at all of Greenwood's other properties becoming 'Surgically Clean'.

Formosan Grace Christian Church

- Toronto, Canada -

City Pets Animal Clinic

- Victoria, Canada -

In 2005, The Formosan Church and the Taiwan Justice and Grace Church unified to form the Formosan Grace Christian Church to serve its congregation in both English and Taiwanese.

Proudly owned and operated by Dr. Kelli Mulley, City Pets Animal Clinic loves to provide compassionate care for your pet family. They offer a full range of veterinary medical, dental and surgical services.

In 2016, they installed their first Surgically Clean Air Purifier

In 2016 they ordered their first Surgically Clean Air Cascade White (SCA6000C) Air Purifier.

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Cachet Village Animal Hospital

- Toronto, Canada -

The entire staff of Cachet Village Animal Hospital welcomes you to their vet clinic. They offer you and your small companion animals a modern facility with up-to-date equipment for veterinary medicine, wellness care and diagnostics for your pet.

"The air is so much lighter and cleaner, the odours are almost non-existent, we don't feel tired anymore"

In September 2017, they added a new Surgically Clean Air Cascade White (SCA600C) to protect their staff, pets and the pet owners from the harmful air inside a veterinary clinic. The US Labor Database ranks 'Veterinarian' as the #4 most Hazardous Job to A Person's Health.


- Etobicoke, Canada -

PhysioMed's whole-health approach utilizes a 'comprehensive treatment method' designed to address your pain and dysfunction from its root cause. The results? Successful treatment leaving you pain-free today while preventing unnecessary painful conditions in the future!

In March 2017, the Etobicoke-Humber clinic became the first PhysioMed clinic to use Surgically Clean Air Purifiers to offer their clients and staff the best indoor air possible.


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