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General Business Offices, big and small, are using Surgically Clean Air Purifiers to reduce employee absences, increase employee productivity, and boost staff morale.  These world class medical grade air purifiers remove Chemicals, Toxins, Germs, Odors, and most importantly they kill airborne Viruses, to help reduce the spread of illness in busy working offices such as Call Centres, concentrated Cubicle Environments and Executive Offices.

The indoor built environment plays a critical role in our overall well-being, both due to the amount of time we spend indoors (~90%) and the ability of buildings to positively or negatively influence our health. This study measured the ability of workers to perform under "normal" building conditions and "green" building conditions. The results indicated that peoples' thinking (Cognitive function scores) were between 61% and 101% better in Green+ building conditions compared to the Conventional building conditions. These findings have wide ranging implications because this study was designed to reflect conditions that are commonly encountered every day in many indoor environments.


Sick Building Syndrome - What is it and how does it effect us?

CBS News program 60 Minutes explains the issue and effects of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS).


SBS occurs in so many newer buildings correlates to the fact that newer buildings implement all possible methods to reduce the amount of air lost from the building to reduce operating costs such as heating and air conditioning. By implementing such high standards, we create airtight conditions, which deny harmful particles from leaving buildings. Over time this leads to a concentration of harmful air borne particulate. High real estate costs are motivating more employers to concentrate their workplace populations, which places people even closer together. This high concentration of germs and people is a potent condition for the spread of illness.






How Much Air Does a Cascade White Clean?

"Employee Performance improved up to 16% with the removal of indoor air pollutants"

Some of Our Customers

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)

- Toronto, Canada -

CIBC, is Canada's fifth largest bank. The bank's two strategic business units, CIBC World Markets and CIBC Retail Markets, also have international operations in the United States, the Caribbean, Asia and the United Kingdom. Globally, CIBC serves more than eleven million clients, and has over 40,000 employees. CIBC is consistently recognized as one of Canada's Best Employers.

After having seen Surgically Clean Air Units in his personal workout facility, a Senior CIBC World Markets Executive in Toronto purchased 6 units for the offices of his key staff.

Ontario Real Estate Association

- Toronto, Canada -

Founded in 1922 to organize real estate activities across the province, the Ontario Real Estate Association Mission is to help Ontario REALTORS, brokerages and associations succeed.  Representing the 64,240 real estate brokers and sales people members of Ontario's 40 real estate boards, the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) serves its members through a wide variety of publications, educational programs and special services. The association provides all real estate licensing courses in Ontario.

OREA wanted to provide a healthier environment for their large headquarters staff, and have a positive impact on reducing sick day absenteeism. In 2016 they purchased 12 Surgically Clean Air Purifiers to use across their multi-floor office building within the general office space, lunch room, meeting rooms, printer room, shipping & receiving and in the reception area.


Learn how Businesses are improving Employee Productivity with healthier indoor air.

Watch Reviews

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Fuji Film, Canada

- Mississauga, Canada -

FujiFilm Canada sells innovative products across the diverse fields of digital imaging, optics, digital printing, medical systems, and more.

FujiFilm’s main concern was the air quality for the staff and clients that would be in their demo facility along with the effects VOC’s [volatile organic compounds] have on components of the equipment. They have recently purchased multiple units to distribute to their key clients.

BMO Nesbitt Burns - Investments

- Toronto, Canada -

BMO Nesbitt Burns is a part of BMO Financial Group. It's a full-service investment firm with approximately 1,300 Investment Advisors at 70 branches across Canada.

BMO Nesbitt Burns Investment Managers, Steve Kaszas & Ted Clarkson, have taken the initiative to install Surgically Clean Air Purifiers in their Offices to reduce sick days amongst their staff.

Bruce Power (Nuclear Power Generation)

- Pickering, Canada -

Bruce Power Limited Partnership is a Canadian business partnership composed of several corporations. Bruce Power became the world's largest operating nuclear facility in 2012.

Bruce Power has utilized two Surgically Clean Air Purifiers in their facilities fitness centres to reduce odors and the spread of illness through airborne germs and viruses as part of their “Partners in Prevention” program.

Royal Lepage (Real Estate)

- Toronto, Canada -

Royal LePage is a Canadian real estate franchiser and owner-operator with more than 600 locations and over 15,000 Realtors in Canada.

Their offices are an open concept layout with low wall cubicles. Surgically Clean Air Purifiers were installed to keep the Indoor Air in their work area Odor, Germ and Virus-free.

Hull & Hull LLP - Lawyers

- Toronto, Canada -

Hull & Hull LLP is a nationally recognized leader in estate, trust and capacity litigation, mediation and estate planning. With experience dating back to 1957, our reputation is built on more than five decades of successful service and unwavering attention to the needs of our clients.

In 2015, installed 4 Surgically Clean Air Purifiers – 3 Commercial Units (Model – Cascade White) and 1 Residential Unit (Model – Carbon Granite)

Neil Squire Society

- Vancouver, Canada -

The Neil Squire Society is the only national not-for-profit organization in Canada that has for over thirty years empowered Canadians with disabilities through the use of computer-based assistive technologies, research and development, and various employment programs. Through their work, they have helped remove barriers so that people with disabilities can live independent lives and become active members of the workplace. The Society has served over 30,000 people since 1984.

In June 2016, they purchased 7 Surgically Clean Air Purifiers for their headquarters in Vancouver Canada.


Westbrook Consulting Ltd.

- Langford, Canada -

Incorporated in 2005, Westbrook Consulting Ltd. has quickly become a well-respected local civil engineering company involved in a wide variety of municipal infrastructure and land development projects on southern Vancouver Island. Their full-time staff of more than a dozen people provide the expertise required to design and manage municipal infrastructure from initial concept to project completion.

They purchased their 1st Surgically Clean Air Cascade White

in January 2017 to protect the health and

well being of their employees.

Continental Tire

- Mississauga, Canada -

Continental has been a pioneer in road safety for more than 140 years and is renowned for their outstanding tire expertise and commitment to improving worldwide road safety.

Installed the first Surgically Clean Air Purifiers in the Canadian Headquarters in May 2017.

Dentsply Sirona Canada

- Woodbridge, Canada -

Dentsply Sirona is an American dental equipment maker and dental consumables producer that markets its products in over 120 countries and operates factories in 21 countries. They are a leader in consumable dental products, and an equipment maker that designs and manufactures laboratory and specialty products. Everything they do is about helping dental professionals deliver the best possible dental care, for the benefit of their patients and practices today and for years to come.

In July 2017, they installed 6 Surgically Clean Air Purifiers, in the Canadian Headquarters, to increase their employee productivity by providing their valued staff with cleaner and re-energized indoor air.

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