Core Technologies

Every Surgically Clean Air purifier contains the same four industry leading Core Technologies:

6 Stage Filtration Process

Large Capacity Airflow Management

Sound Dampening Design

Smart Control Features

How Our Technology Works



Large particles like dust, hair, dirt not only contaminate the air, they can also damage the more sophisticated filters inside your purification unit.

The Antimicrobial Pre-Filter captures and removes large particles before they enter the remaining highly sophisticated filters.


The Electronic Cell can absorb particles of dust, bacteria and smog that are smaller in size than that of a single human cell to clear the air of toxins that are harmful to your respiratory system.

The Dual Stage Electronic Cell creates high voltage static electricity to remove moderate size dust particles and bacteria.

What Comes Out of Your Indoor Air

Cleaning the Electronic Cell from a Surgically Clean Air Purifier


The carbon filter acts as a molecular sieve that traps and absorbs gases, liquids, and vapors.

Dual Activated Carbon Filter Remove Chemicals and Odors.


The unit uses two intensive UV-lights that operate with the "UV C" wavelength that is best at destroying   harmful micro-organisms.

The Dual UV-C Light Bulbs destroy the DNA of Micro-organisms, Such as viruses, bacteria, Mold and allergens, rendering them harmless.

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The photocatalytic stage utilizes a titanium honeycomb structure that works in conjunction with the UV-C to create a kill chamber that destroys harmful Organic Chemicals, Bacteria and Mold.

The Photocatalytic Kill Chamber incorporates titanium to help destroy odors, organic chemicals (VOCs), mold, allergens and bacteria.



The Negative Ion Generator creates negative ions within the air as it passes through the final stage of filtration.  These negative ions help your lungs better absorb clean air into your body leaving you feeling more invigorated.

The Negative Ions Revitalize and Re-Energize the Air as it Leaves the Unit.

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Large Capacity Airflow Management

For an Air Purifier to deliver its benefits throughout the indoor space it needs to move large volumes of air through its filtration system effectively without negatively impacting those people that are closest to it by creating a 'breeze' or being too loud.


Each Surgically Clean Air Purifier is specially designed with sound dampening technology that intakes a very large air capacity from the bottom of the unit and then releases the 'cleaned' air upwards from the top of the unit.


This Large Air Flow Management approach ensures that the 'clean' air is more effectively spread throughout the room, while not creating 'uncomfortable breezes' or noise.

As air moves through most filtration systems it can create a lot of noise. Many competitive air cleaners offer significantly less air flow (cubic feet per minute CFM), and therefore circulate less air at similar or even higher sound levels than a Surgically Clean Air Purifier. So with these units you have to choose between turning the fan speed up so loud that it will bother those that were working around it, or turn it down so low that it won’t properly move enough air to properly clean the indoor air around them.


That is why each Surgically Clean Air purifier is specially designed to offer noise cancellation through a unique sound dampening design. In normal operation it is often as quiet as the quietest of residential dishwashers so the large capacity air flow will not bother those people standing or working nearby. When it comes to sound and performance the choice is crystal clear.

Sound Dampening Design

Smart Control Features



The advanced electronic touch panel control system has a clean modern look that maximizes ease of use through its ergonomical design and intuitive control features. The panel lights when touched to give full access to all of the control features including: power, timers, fan speed, view filter status, turn on/off negative ions and UV Lights, and more. Once the panel senses that a user is finished it dims automatically to maintain a pleasing look to the purifier. The panel also has an easy locking feature to avoid unintended adjustments.





The purifier has automatic indicators that will alert the user when it is time to clean or change key components of the 6-Stage Filtration system to ensure that you get maximum use of the filters and also ensure that the purifier is working at its maximum effectiveness. These include:


  •  Clean Electronic Filter - Indicator light comes on when it is time to wash the Electronic Filter
  •  Carbon Filter Life - Indicator light comes on when the Carbon Filter needs to be replaced





The purifier can be set to ‘always on’ or the pre-programmed timer features can be activated for set lengths of time that match your operating needs.





When set to ‘Auto’ the Smart Sensor Monitor will measure the surrounding air quality and automatically turn the fan and filtration components on until the air around the unit is judged to be “clean”. The Smart Sensor Monitor measures both the amount of particulate in the air as well as odor levels.





Key components that are connected to the power supply are safeguarded to ensure the system functions optimally at all times. If there is a problem within the filtration system, such as the Electronic Cell, the warning light will beep and flash to indicate that there is an error, and the purifier will not fully turn on to protect the sensitive parts within the system. The safeguards also include turning the purifier off automatically as soon as the front door is opened to prevent injury that could occur when removing the electronic cell if the power remained on.





After cleaning the Electronic Cell and replacing the Carbon Filter the Smart Dry indicator light on the Smart Control Panel will turn on. In this mode power will not be sent to the Electronic Cell for up to 1.5 hours allowing time for it to dry properly. Then the purifier will turn on just the fan to circulate air through the cell to thoroughly dry it before the purifier then fully powers up and resumes normal operation.



How Much Air Do Our Purifiers Clean?

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