Free Indoor Air Analysis

Surgically Clean Air Purifiers are highly specialized medical grade products.  With our years of experience in indoor air filtration we know that every indoor air environment is different.  To request that one of our Technicians come to your location to conduct a Free Indoor Air Analysis please send us an email and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

Each Free Indoor Air Analysis will include:



  • A 15 minute assessment by one of our Technicians

  • Using our specialized Particulate Counter we will take comprehensive  measurements within your indoor space to analyze the air quality

  • A confidential report with measurements from up to 12 locations within your indoor air space will be emailed to your primary contact within 48 hours after the Analysis visit

  • Upon request we will schedule a follow-up visit to discuss how we can help improve your indoor air quality

Our Free Indoor Air Analysis offer is currently available in the following areas:

Ontario (ON)
- Everywhere

Quebec (QUE)
- Everywhere

British Columbia (BC)
- Greater Vancouver Area
- Victoria

New Brunswick (NB)
- Everywhere

Nova Scotia (NS)
- Everywhere

Prince Edward Island (PEI)
- Everywhere
Massachusetts (MA)
- Greater Boston Area

New York (NY)
- Upstate

Michigan (MI)
- Greater Detroit Area

Booking Your Free Indoor Air Analysis


To help us prepare for your Free Indoor Air Analysis appointment please try to include the answers to the following questions along with any other information that you think may be helpful:

For Businesses Only
What country, city are you located in?
What type of business sector are you in?

* Medical/Dental
* Health Services
* Sports & Fitness
* General Office
* Commercial & Retail
* Education & Child Care
How many square feet or square metres is your indoor space?
Is your indoor space one large area with cubicles, many small offices or spaces or a combination?
What is the most motivating reason you want to better purify your indoor air?

* Better Overall Health
* Reduce the Spread of Illness
* Remove Contaminants
* Address Employee Complaints
* Other
How did you first hear about Surgically Clean Air?


Book Free Indoor Air Analysis


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