Air Pollution from Forest Fires

By Andrew Barrett   |   August 23, 2017

Canada experiences up to 8,000 wildfires per year. These fires produce an immense amount of smoke that can get up into the upper atmosphere and travel hundreds of kilometers and impact the lives of millions of people.

Dust Mites (reprinted from the American Lung Association)

By Andrew Barrett   |   July 19, 2017

Once ounce of dust contains nearly 472,000 living dust mites that create fecal matter which is in the air you breathe...

Going Camping This Summer – Be Aware of the Indoor Air

By Andrew Barrett   |   June 20, 2017

During the summer months, millions of people head outdoors to go camping, hiking, walking and more.  What they don't know is that the indoor air in their outdoor gear store can be up to 1000X worse than the air outdoors...

Ready for Spring? Allergy Season is Here

By Andrew Barrett   |   May 24, 2017

What are allergies? What do Allergies cost to our Healthcare System?  How is Climate Change making allergy season worse?  What new ways are there to help allergy suffers clean their indoor air - to ease their suffering 'drug-free'...

NCAA Tournament Teams Germs Can Be a Tough Opponent

By Andrew Barrett   |   March 22, 2017

In the heart of the NCAA March Madness, we are reminded of how tough germs and viruses can be on sports teams. Over the past decades, there have been countless times when teams in the hunt for a championship were taken down by illness...

Toxicity of New Things

By Andrew Barrett   |   February 22, 2017

That 'new car small' that people are so proud of - is actually harmful for you. Researchers have identified more than 275 different chemicals in vehicle interiors that are hazardous to your health. Even more concerning, this research also pertains to many new things in our homes...

Providing A Breath of Fresh Air for a 'Person's Best Friend'

By Andrew Barrett   |   February 22, 2017

Kennel Cough (also known as canine infectious tracheobronchitis) is a highly contagious respiratory disease.  Dogs commonly contract kennel cough at places where large amounts of canines congregate, such as Veterinarians, Boarding Facilities and Doggy Daycares...

The Dangers of the Dental Lab

By Andrew Barrett   |   January 31, 2017

Most people do not know how harmful their indoor air can be.  The US. EPA states that 68% of human disease is spread through indoor air. [1] When it comes to the air in a dental laboratory these concerns become even greater...

If You Cook with a Gas Stove You Could be Harming Yourself and Your Family

By Andrew Barrett   |   January 11, 2017

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in many homes exceeds the health-based standards for chronic and acute exposures of pollutants (Logue et al. 2011). On average, [North] Americans spend more than 65% of their time in homes (Klepeis et al. 2001), and numerous studies have noted...


Book Your Next Dentist Appointment in the Morning

By Andrew Barrett   |   November 3, 2016

Dental offices have the potential of being more polluted than other offices because they are high traffic commercial spaces and produce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) – from the dental materials and from the constant use of disinfectants and dental instruments...

The Flu and How It Spreads

By Andrew Barrett   |   October 1, 2016

Flu Season will soon be here and every employer will start to take steps to try and reduce employee sick days that result from the spread of the Flu from person to person. Did you know that one of the most effective steps you can take is to clean your indoor air. Here's why...

What is in the Indoor Air We Breathe?

By Andrew Barrett   |   September 8, 2016

It's free, it's all around us outdoors and indoors. We can't live without it for more than a few minutes. But we often take the air we breathe for granted. The air you breathe is made up of lots of things besides oxygen! Oxygen only makes up about 21% of air...

How Far Do Airborne Pathogens Travel?

By Andrew Barrett   |   August 8, 2016

Travelling upwards of 200 mph or 320 km/h, and accelerating in a matter of seconds, germs from a cough or sneeze can travel a great distance very quickly. Indoor airborne pathogens travel as fast as an exotic sports car, and can be very dangerous to your health...


UV Light as a Germ and Virus Killer

By Andrew Barrett   |   June 15, 2016

We purify drinking water, yet only ingest up to 5lbs of liquid a day. Meanwhile, each person takes 20,000 breathes a day resulting in an intake of 36 lbs of air a day. So why are there laws to ensure we purify our drinking water, yet there are no laws for air purification, and few people purify their indoor air?...

Negative Ions -

Creating Feelings of Positive Energy from Negative Ions

By Andrew Barrett   |   April 19, 2016

For sure a large part the energy we feel is from being in such wonderful surroundings away from the stress and pressure of work and the routine of home life. Beyond this there is something else at work helping people feel so uplifted – negative ions...

CBS 60 Minutes -

Sick Building Syndrome and Poor Indoor Air Quality

By Surgically Clean Air   |   February 25, 2016

Sick building syndrome is the result of an indoor air contamination problem. CBS News has a great video explaining the issue and effects of Sick Building Syndrome on their 60 Minutes News Program...

Making a Case for Air Purification Systems in Retirement Home Communities

By Marshal Sterio   |   February 25, 2016

As people age, their immune and respiratory systems weaken and become more susceptible to illness. Airborne viruses and bacteria are a primary concern for seniors, therefore controlling them can reduce the chances of residents who live in retirement communities of becoming ill during flu season...

Bad Indoor Air -

A Silent Killer That Surrounds Us All

By Conrad Barrett   |   February 22, 2016

In communities around the World an emerging health issues is also one of the most overlooked – air quality. Recently, we are becoming more aware of the negative effects of air pollution. But what most people don’t know is that Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is becoming a more prominent issue...

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